If you feel an extra bounce in your step this month, it’s because Colorado is sucking up all the gravity. Sorry about that.  This time of year, a lot of things go downhill ’round here.

Including my kids.

I’d love to be one of those genuinely calm moms like my EMT friend, who can stay cucumber-cool while a child is gushing blood.  I’ve seen her do it, and I’m in awe.

But, no, I am one of those outwardly calm moms who is saying, “Great work, you’re so brave,” and “Can you squeeze my hand?” and “How many fingers am I holding up?” while my inner dialog is more along the lines of oh &*%$$## please don’t let it be an eye injury, where’s that blood coming from, and how the *&%%% am I going to get a kid to the ER in a blizzard and oh (&%%# why didn’t I put on the snow tires last October?

We did not need that trip to the ER, so it was a good day.

It’s OK: Today’s Takeaways
  • As noted here by the wise Darren Bush, you “minimize risk through planning, education and keeping [your] wits about [you].”
  • Ok, so I could have done a better job of risk management yesterday.
  • But all is well that ends well.
  • With that, the self-castigation needs to end.
It’s OK, Mama. Anything that can be cured with cuddles, Children’s Motrin, and mug cake is not a real emergency.

If the only injury children experience is repetitive motion syndrome from playing X-Box, our species is doomed. 

— Darren Bush