POP QUIZ:  When does Passover 2017 begin? . . . No clue? No worries! Rustle up a super-simple, super-speedy (yet warm and meaningful) Passover Seder. Here’s how.

First, take a deep breath. (ANSWER: Passover 2017 begins at sundown on Monday, April 10.) See? You have tons of time.  You can bang out a beautiful Seder and still have five full days to finish your taxes.

Now repeat after me: Anyone can do this, if you care enough.

I married into a boisterously Jewish family and promised to raise our children in that faith. But gathering ’round for the holidays isn’t always Norman Rockwell perfection.  We’ve hosted many 10-15 person Passover Seders where my husband and children were the only Jewish people present.

Every year, I worry that I’m doing it wrong.

I probably am.

But every year, I host a home Seder, because the alternative is not trying.

Which is not okay.

To be fair, Passover Seder is very cool once it’s underway. I get misty about the Exodus and about teaching my daughters to prepare the plates. It may be no big deal to those who’ve done Passover since childhood. As a transplant to the tradition, however, I’m frankly proud that I manage to boss this thing each year.

You can boss it, too.  Interfaith friends, new-to-Jewish friends, first-time-hosting-Seder friends, your search is over. We insist that our home Seder must be:

  • Short and clear enough for our children
  • Accessible to the non-Jews at our table
  • Respectful to the Jews at our table, and yet
  • Inclusive and familiar to those who might not attended a Seder since childhood

Passover Seder should be a storytelling and a celebration. It should not be complicated, long, boring, and/or scary.

So I created How to Set Up for a Passover Seder at Home – from Friendly Rock, which I’m sharing with you by PDF, no strings attached, except that I hope you’ll read the disclaimers.

It goes with my Simple Family Passover Haggadah – from Friendly Rock, also free in PDF, no strings, except that you can’t get cranky with me if you don’t like it, because I didn’t even harvest your email in exchange.

So go ahead, try this at home! Feel free to comment and let me know how it goes.

We’ll be back to outdoorsy topics very soon, because, ahem, the countdown is underway to Easter weekend in Rabbit Valley. Oooh, and my Volcano 3 Camping Stove just arrived from Amazon. *happydance*

Until then, from our family to yours, Gut Pesach [Have a Good Passover]!