Even the best of us gets up to her hinder in reptiles now and then. You can get nibbled to death as easily as getting chomped.  In my world, “nibbled to death” looks like this:

The kids are sleeping late, which means

I can finally get around to mending that paperback book, but

the tape is downstairs in the birthday bag, which

I threw into the basement a full week ago, because

I hadn’t even thought about unpacking it, because

we’d come straight home from the party with two kids on a massive sugar crash, and

I realized that I hadn’t yet packed for our turnaround week in Tennessee, for which we were departing in less than 24 hours.


I diligently scanned and e-filed today’s bills, but

when I went to the shredder to finish the job, the bin was full, so

I had a choice of either emptying the bin or putting the papers on top of the shredder, which

is how the bin got full in the first place, because

I’d assigned the job a kid to get me caught up (shredding is fun), and

now it’s the kid’s job to finish, but

the kid spread the stacked papers from on top of the shredder to make a paper carpet on the floor, therefore

I cannot even get to the shredder, neither to empty the bin nor to shred my bills, and yet,

I know that I’m supposed to help the child see the project through to build responsibility’n’stuff, but to be honest,

really I just want to throw the bills at the wall and spend a few minutes sobbing at the thought of cleaning up one more half-completed kid project.

Looks like it’s time for school to start.

It’s OK: Today’s Takeaways

  • You’re only human.
  • It’s okay to feel overwhelmed.
  • The shredding (or whatever your personal Waterloo may be) isn’t going to spontaneously combust.
  • It’s okay to walk away.
  • Some day, you’ll feel on top of everything again.
  • It may not be today. Tomorrow’s not looking terrific, either.
  • But change is the only true constant. Your circumstances will change, given time.
  • And you will be just fine.

(Still need a break? Sit your precious child in the corner with a copy of My Wild Animal World, the featured image today, and enjoy whole milliseconds of peace. Not an affiliate link. I’m just a fan.)