Find a Friendly Rock

teaching a pair of she-cubs to hunt in the modern wilderness

About Friendly Rock

The great privilege of parenting in America is raising your children as you see fit.

The older I get, the more strongly I believe that we’re never more than a generation away from losing our foundations: social, political, lingual, religious, and/or moral.

So I’ve decided to up my game on the conscious, mindful, thoughtful, respectful, gentle, and unapologetic indoctrination of my children to my moral views, as expressed in a clearly-articulated family mission.

‘Cause this is all I’m doing right now, and I don’t like to do things half-baked.

My children may not always embrace my views. I hope they will make their own considered decisions in time.

I hope I am teaching them how to make considered decisions.

If I do nothing else for these children, I want to give them a place to stand. I want them to have a waypoint to which they can look back and say, “I came from there.”

In service to that goal, this blog plants its flag.

I expect there will be crafts and checklists and travel itineraries and woodlore notes and camping recipes and RV camping tips along the way, too, so . . . yay!

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