Find a Friendly Rock

teaching a pair of she-cubs to hunt in the modern wilderness

Hello, Mama.

If change is the only constant, I’m its poster child.

I’m a fan of mindfulness, except that it usually takes too long. Try This at Home when you’re short on time but long on love.

I’m a fan of authenticity, except that I’m usually too stuck-in-my-head to apply to the concept to anything other than handbags. But It’s OK! We don’t have to be Facebook-perfect, as long as we care and do our best.

I’m a fan of the outdoors, except that I shamelessly waited until my girls were old enough that I didn’t want to weep at the thought of running out for a gallon of milk. But this is our year. Follow the adventures under Camping and its kin.

Oh. And hey. I’m not about to take any nonsense from midlife.  If you’re feeling reflective, come walk with me around my Compass Points.

Whatever else I’ve been, and I’ve been a whole lot of things, parenting is what I’m doing nowadays.  It’s a big pile o’ fun.

Thanks for joining me.

And thanks to the inimitable Heidi Solomon for the above photo. She’s a remarkable Mama, artist, and all-around enviable human being, who is too modest to let me set a link.